FUNS JACOBS Creative Strategist

Bare Knuckle was one hell of a ride. Founded by Gregory van der Wiel, Ricardo Mingacho and myself, we went on a mission to change the face of sports. 

Athletes are some of the biggest and most influential brands out there and they are, most of the times, run like companies. But in our opinion there was one role on the team that was always missing, but is critical in building a successful brand. The role of a creative director is what is missed in the team of an athlete, but oh so crucial.

We wanted to fulfill that role. Starting with the design of a brand foundation, a brand book with guidelines and execute creativity to take the brand to a next level. An athlete that is a star on the court, should also be a star online too. That is what we did. Everything on the highest level just like the level of performance that an athletes delivers. 

We had a long term vision on how a personal brand should be built. Created in such a way that the athlete can benefit from his/her brand long after his active playing career would be over. You need some balls to think that long term and I always admire our friend Gregory for that, as he does have that long term vision and he is enjoying the benefits of that every day.  

In addition we helped several companies with founding their new brands, most of the times companies that looked for something different. Needed some edge, some sway. That is when you called us. We could even help market their new brands when our good friend Erwin Cuijpers joined the ride too.

Two years later and the world is in a strange place, crisis, pandemic, you name it. That is where my part of this ride ended, but it ended with pride. Thank you to my partners, friends and clients for all the joy and excitement.